Bioinspired DNA self‐assembly of nanophotonic devices

Folding DNA to fabricate optical nano-antennas for advanced diagnostics technologies

Project leader: G. Acuna

Team: M. Lattuada, A. Fink, F. Scheffold

Following the approach Nature has developed to encode information, we use DNA as a self-assembly biomolecular material to fabricate active optical nano‐devices. In short, we exploit DNA-templates to arrange hybrid functional nanostructures consisting of colloidal nanoparticles of different materials such as gold and silver and single photon emitters such as fluorophores and quantum dots. These structures will act as optical antennas capable of focusing light at the nanoscale and will be employed in a number of concrete applications using low‐cost technologies, such as smart‐phones, with applications in point of care diagnostics.

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