Publications from the NCCR summer internship program

There is a number of scientific publications arising from this summer internship program.

Have a look at the list below. NCCR summer internship students are underlined in the author’s list.


Magnetic Hair Tactile Sensor for Directional Pressure Detection

Meier Yuki A., Duhr Pierre, Mordarski Marcel, Vergne Céline, Poloni Erik, Studart André R., Pascal Joris, Demirörs Ahmet F.
Advanced Intelligent Systems (2024)



Layer-by-Layer siRNA Particle Assemblies for Localized Delivery of siRNA to Epithelial Cells through Surface-Mediated Particle Uptake

Lee Aaron, Gosnell Natalia, Milinkovic Daela, Taladriz-Blanco Patricia, Rothen-Rutishauser Barbara, Petri-Fink Alke
ACS Applied Bio Materials (2023)


Cellular Uptake of Silica Particles Influences EGFR Signaling Pathway and is Affected in Response to EGF

Sousa de Almeida Mauro, Roshanfekr Arya, Balog Sandor, Petri-Fink Alke, Rothen-Rutishauser Barbara
International Journal of Nanomedicine, 18 (2023)



Comparing Percolation and Alignment of Cellulose Nanocrystals for the Reinforcement of Polyurethane Nanocomposites

Redondo Alexandre, Mortensen Nicole, Djeghdi Kenza, Jang Daseul, Ortuso Roberto D., Weder Christoph, Korley LaShanda T. J., Steiner Ullrich, Gunkel Ilja
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 14 (2022)


Harvesting Electrical Power during Carbon Capture using Various Amine Solvents

Kalkus Trevor J., Shanahan Caitlin J., Smart Jansie, Coskun Ali, Mayer Michael
Energy & Fuels, 36 (2022)



Cellulose nanofiber nanocomposite pervaporation membranes for ethanol recovery

Kamtsikakis Aristotelis, McBride Sara, Zoppe Justin O., Weder Christoph
ACS Applied Nano Materials (2021)


Tuning the diameter, stability, and membrane affinity of peptide pores by DNA-programmed self-assembly

Fennouri Aziz, List Jonathan, Ducrey Julie, Dupasquier Jessica, Sukyte Viktorija, Mayer Simon F., Vargas Reyner D., Pascual Fernandez Laura, Bertani Frederick, Rodriguez Gonzalo Sandra, Yang Jerry, Mayer Michael
ACS Nano, 15 (2021)


Powering electronic devices from salt gradients in AA‐battery‐sized stacks of hydrogel‐infused paper

Guha Anirvan, Kalkus Trevor J., Schroeder Thomas B. H., Willis Oliver G., Rader Chris, Ianiro Alessandro, Mayer Michael
Advanced Materials, 33 (2021)


The green lean amine machine: Harvesting electric power while capturing carbon dioxide from breath

Kalkus Trevor J., Guha Anirvan, Scholten Philip B.V., Nagornii Dmitrii, Coskun Ali, Ianiro Alessandro, Mayer Michael
Advanced Science, 8 (2021)



Structure–property relationships of microphase-separated metallosupramolecular polymers
Neumann Laura N., Gunkel Ilja, Barron Amber, Oveisi Emad, Petzold Albrecht, Thurn-Albrecht Thomas, Schrettl Stephen, Weder Christoph
Macromolecules, 53 (2020)


Highly Cross-Linked, Physiologically Responsive, Mechanically Adaptive Polymer Networks Made by Photopolymerization

Baptiste Monney, Alicia G. Dibble, Dafni Moatsou, Christoph Weder
ACS Omega, 5, 6, (2020)


Hyperbolic Optical Metamaterials from Shear-Aligned Block Copolymer Cylinder Arrays

Cédric Kilchoer, Doha Abdelrahman, S. Narjes Abdollahi, Ava A. LaRocca, Ullrich Steiner, Matthias Saba, Ilja Gunkel, Bodo D. Wilts
Advanced Photonics Research, 1 (2020)


Accurate estimation of membrane capacitance from atomistic molecular dynamics simulations of zwitterionic lipid bilayers

Ardham Vikram Reddy, Zoni Valeria, Adamowicz Sylvain, Campomanes Pablo, Vanni Stefano
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 124 (2020)


Rapid quantification of the malaria biomarker hemozoin by improved biocatalytically initiated precipitation atom transfer radical polymerizations

Raccio Samuel, Pollard Jonas, Djuahdi Ashley, Balog Sandor, Pellizzoni Michela M., Rodriguez Kyle Joel, Rifaie-Graham Omar, Bruns Nico
The Analyst, 23 (2020)


Shear stress‐responsive polymersome nanoreactors inspired by the marine bioluminescence of dinoflagellates

Rifaie-Graham Omar, Galensowske Nikolas F.B., Dean Charlie, Pollard Jonas, Balog Sandor, Gouveia Micael G., Chami Mohamed, Vian Antoine, Amstad Esther, Lattuada Marco, Bruns Nico
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 60 (2020)



Particokinetics and in vitro dose of high aspect ratio nanoparticles

Seth Richard Price, Calum Kinnear, Sandor Balog
Nanoscale, 19 (2019)


Preparation of metallosupramolecular single-chain polymeric nanoparticles and their characterization by Taylor dispersion

Neumann Laura N., Urban Dominic A., Lemal Philipp, Ramani Sushila, Petri-Fink Alke, Balog Sandor, Weder Christoph, Schrettl Stephen
Polymer Chemistry, 2 (2019)