The NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials organizes regular roundtable discussions for its members over lunch to discuss family-work balance and career opportunities.

Next roundtable:


July 4, 2024

Balancing family and work, from researcher to CEO
Guest: Dr. Nicole Kleger, Sallea, Switzerland




Previous meetings

Date Title Guest
08.04.2024 Sharing experiences between the US and Switzerland: From equal opportunities to professional development Prof. Emily Pentzer, Texas A&M University
06.02.2024 Male Professors’ and lecturers’ commitment to gender equality at Swiss universities and ETHs Prof. Julia Nentwich, University of St Gallen, Switzerland
05.12.2024 Gender related microaggressions
27.04.2023 Combining a career with a family
17.03.2023 From physics to consulting. Pursuing your career and family plans Dr. Rosa Poetes, McKinsey, Switzerland
20.09.2022 Women in Science: The importance of resilience Prof. Nasim Annabi, UCLA
03.06.2022 My way to professorship Prof. Yoan Simon, University of Southen Mississippi
17.05.2022 Towards the end of Phase II - What comes next after the PhD / postdoc?
14.04.2022 Diversity in academia, opportunities and pitfalls Prof. Jasna Brujic, New York University
12.02.2022 How can it help me and how can I benefit best from it? Prof. Karen Scrivener, Prof. Esther Amstad, Prof. Giulia Tagliabue, EPFL
23.11.2021 Continuation of the discussion on the documentary “Picture a scientist” – own experience and how to react
01.06.2021 Mentoring relationships: how to be a good supervisor (and supervisee) Manuela Schicka, University of Fribourg
30.03.2021 Networking in Switzerland to advance your (academic) career
10.11.2020 Family-work balance Prof. Monica Gotta, University of Geneva
29.10.2020 Career hurdles and stressful situations in academia – how to deal with them Prof. Wanda Kukulski, University of Bern
14.07.2020 Self-confidence in Science – A gender bias
26.05.2020 Stress - coping with one’s own and other Prof. Anna Fontcuberta, Prof. Sophia Haussener, Prof. Esther Amstad, EPFL
27.04.2020 Project management
06.04.2020 A career in academia: adventures, fun and lessons learned Prof. Gisou van der Goot, Prof. Raffaella Buonsanti, Prof. Giulia Tagliabue, EPFL
13.02.2020 How can you be what you don‘t see? My experience Prof. Katharina Maniura, Empa
24.01.2020 How to succeed in academia Prof. Atac Imamoglu, ETHZ
15.10.2019 How to prepare for an interview in industry Dr. Andrea Lehmann, Head External Manufacturing, Pharma/Biotech industry
25.07.2019 A roadmap for leaving your mark of success Prof. Lashanda Korley, University of Delaware
21.05.2019 CVs for industry/academic positions, Part 2
09.05.2019 Company networking lunch, a way to get ideas for life after EPFL and for your company internship Romina Teixeira, Althea Araya (Avanade), Nathalie Barzilay, Jelena Vukajlovic-Plestina (Crédit Suisse), Christine Chichester (Firmenich)
18.04.2019 Combining a career with a family Prof. Anna Fontcuberta, Prof. Véronique Michaud and Prof. Stéphanie Lacour, EPFL
25.03.2019 CVs for industry/academic positions
05.03.2019 Unconscious bias: Why should we know and care about it? Prof. Anna Fontcuberta, EPFL
23.10.2018 Gender Equality in Academia – Myth and Reality Prof. Claudia Bagni, University of Lausanne
23.05.2018 From squeezed states to squeezed cells: an unusual physics career Prof. Monika Ritsch-Marte, Medical University of Innsbruck
19.02.2018 Negotiation skills
27.11.2017 What comes next after your PhD / postdoc? Is this compatible with family life?
21.11.2017 What is like to jump from the lab into an editor’s chair? Dr. Claire Hansell, senior editor at Nature, London
29.09.2017 Postdoc.Mobility and PRIMA grants
13.06.2017 Unintentional bias Dr. Christiane Löwe, Office for Gender Equality, University of Zurich
24.04.2017 Finalizing the thesis
27.02.2017 Presentation skills
12.12.2016 2.5 Years of NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials - Feedback from students about activities offered by the center: what is good and what should be improved?
24.10.2016 Graphical design of figures
28.08.2016 How to write a research proposal
26.04.2016 Discussion on equal opportunities Ms. Suzan G. LeVine (US Ambassador to Switzerland and Lichtenstein) and Mr. Eric LeVine
22.02.2016 How to make a good presentation
14.12.2015 Supervision of undergraduate and master students – tips and tricks
20.10.2015 Women lead differently - is this right? And what are the leadership qualities of the future? Claudia Nussberger, Partner Heidrick & Struggles Switzerland
11.08.2015 How to develop ideas for a research proposal
09.06.2015 Project management
21.04.2015 Requirements for a postdoc position in Academia or Research – or how to improve your CV Sylviane Brasey-Badoud, Agroscope Resources Unit RU / Corinne Jud, Agroscope Institute for Livestock Sciences ILS
16.02.2015 Career opportunities after a PhD degree
15.12.2014 (Women) academic career coaching and sharing experiences on how to combine work with family life