NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials

The National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) Bio-Inspired Materials is based at the University of Fribourg. This interdisciplinary center is an internationally recognized hub for paradigm-shifting research, innovation, and education in the domain of “smart” materials whose function and design are inspired by nature.


Healthy food that makes you feel full

Imagine foods rich in nutrients and able to provide a long-lasting feeling of fullness, a dream for anyone who has had to follow a strict diet. NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials researchers at the University…

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Nanotechnology prize for NCCR alum

NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials alum Ivana Domljanovic is one of the 2023 Swiss Nanotechnology PhD Award winners. The five prizes recognize excellent scientific first-author publications in the field of nanotechnology…

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New antimicrobial coatings for bacteria-free surfaces

Preventing the transmission of microbial infections is a global challenge. A research team led by NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials researchers at the University of Fribourg has developed an antimicrobial coating…

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