Malaria Diagnostics -- Business Development

The NCCR Proof-of-Concept (PoC) project “Business Development for Malaria Diagnostics” has been granted to Nico Bruns at the University of Strathclyde (Prof. N. Bruns) with CHF 20’000. 

The project is directly linked to the NCCR project of the Bruns’ group on the development of a new malaria diagnostic based on the catalytical amplification of a malarial biomarker via polymerization. This has led to the development of a spinoff project from the Adolphe Merkle Institute and University of Fribourg named Hemolytics, to be incorporated in 2021. The goal of the PoC is to assure that resources for assisting the business side of Hemolytics are available.

Two generations of diagnostic kit prototypes have been built at Hemolytics. Several series of field tests in collaboration with the Centro de Pesquisa em Medicina Tropical clinic in Porto Velho, Brazil have been performed. While the technical side of the venture is progressing nicely, the business side is stalled, and a market study and business plan are required. The startup will need to raise a seed round of funding in late 2021 to engage in small-scale production of its diagnostic kit, further clinical qualification in malaria endemic-sites and engaging in the regulatory approval process. The funds necessary for Hemolytics to operate and reach these milestones will need to be assessed. This data, together with all the preliminary information gathered by Hemolytics will form the basis to write a formal business plan. This business plan, together with a pitch deck created based on the business plan, will be used to appeal to and engage with potential impact investors. These will be the objectives of the POC which is a vital component towards the transition of this NCCR project into a sustainable business.

Hence the PoC is used for the temporary, part-time hiring of a business developer with entrepreneurial experience for preparation of the necessary next steps.

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