Translation projects

In line with its strategy to focus on translation during Phase 3, the NCCR has launched as part of its core program a new module with four research projects that will target the translation of bio-inspired materials research. These projects build on fundamental research carried out in the first two phases of the NCCR and aim to develop tangible technologies by the end of Phase 3 with the direct involvement of industrial stakeholders. One project aims to create composite materials that provide responsive mechanical functions; two replicate nature’s unequaled ability to mold the flow of light, and the fourth mimics the power of living organisms to heal wounds and defects.

The participants of these projects will be trained in innovation and technology transfer by the KTT manager and with programs such as the Innosuisse training. They will also be offered the possibility to intern with a company and regularly coached by the KTT manager on the translation of their projects.