Daycare subsidy

With the support of its Home Institution the NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials reserves and finances two 100% slots at the Daycare of the University of Fribourg for its researchers. The slots may be split into an appropriate number of sub-slots to accommodate the needs of multiple researchers

This subsidy is addressed to NCCR participants with a working contract with the University of Fribourg and of the categories:

  • Senior Researcher,
  • Research Associate,
  • Postdoctoral Student,
  • Doctoral Student,

that contribute to the NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials at an activity rate of 50% or higher for a minimum duration of 12 months. The researchers’ source of funding is not relevant.

Applications can be submitted at any time to the NCCR Coordinator.

Detailed information on eligibility and on the application and reimbursement procedures can be found here.

Please contact the Scientific Coordinator to know if slots are availablefor and for further information.