NFS Bio-inspirierte Materialien

Der Nationale Forschungsschwerpunkt (NFS) Bio-inspirierte Materialien hat seinen Sitz an der Universität Freiburg. Das interdisziplinäre Zentrum ist eine international anerkannte Drehscheibe für paradigmenwechselnde Forschung, Innovation und Bildung im Bereich der "intelligenten" Materialien, deren Funktion und Design von der Natur inspiriert sind


Narrowing the gap between natural and synthetic materials

Skin and cartilage are both strong and flexible - properties that are hard to replicate in artificial materials. But a new fabrication process, developed by NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials scientists at EPFL,…

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Next-gen organoids grow and function like real tissues

NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials researchers at Lausanne's Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) have created miniature intestines in a dish that match up anatomically and functionally to the real thing better…

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New directorship for the NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials

The NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials director, Professor Christoph Weder, and his deputy, Professor Curzio Rüegg have stepped down after six years at the helm. Professor Ullrich Steiner has taken over as NCCR…

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