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Noncovalent synthesis: From chemically programmed "simple" molecules to complex, self-organized matter
Donnerstag 01 jun 2023 16:00 + Hybridveranstaltung)
Prof. David Gonzalez Rodriguez, University “Autónoma” Madrid, Spain
Scicomm in a nutshell: learn how to maximize your impact
Freitag 02 jun 2023 11:00 + Hybridveranstaltung)
Mr. Fernando Gomollón-Bel, Agata Communications, UK
What are molecular ratchets and how might we use them?
Montag 12 jun 2023 16:00 + Hybridveranstaltung)
Dr. Giulio Ragazzon, Institut de Science et d’Ingénierie Supramoléculaires, Strasbourg, France
Swiss NanoConvention 2023
Donnerstag 15 jun 2023 09:00 Präsenzveranstaltung
Kolloquium / Kongress / Forum