Find out what our students had to say about the program

URI experiences/feedback:

  • I have always been interested in bio-inspired materials and this program helped me retrieve valuable hands on experience. I learned so much about what it means to be bio-inspired and what it takes to create materials by such inspiration.
  • I got to see all of the different ways that bio-inspired materials can be used in different areas of research. I really liked the creativity behind all of the projects and I hope to use bio-inspired materials in my future career.
  • The experience I have gained and the enjoyment I have had from working at AMI for the 8 weeks has exceeded my expectations.
  • This program surpassed my expectations. I gained so much knowledge on lab technique, characterization instruments, and theories related to my subject. I felt welcomed from the very beginning and felt excited to come into work every day. I had opportunities to be independent and learned a lot about how it would be to be a PhD student doing research.
  • I was expecting to do research all week and have the ability to travel around Switzerland on the weekends. I was definitely able to do this. I was able to meet so many wonderful people and learn about so many different cultures. I also expanded my research knowledge a lot while working here.
  • Everyone was so friendly, it was extremely easy to get involved with sports and other activities. Made me feel right at home.
  • All my expectations were met, and I had a fantastic internship experience. This program delivered everything I thought I would gain from it: professional development in the materials science field, cultural understanding of a different scientific community, and interpersonal connections with fellow program participants and researchers in the lab I worked in.

Recommendations for future students:


  • If you want to go travelling around Switzerland, install the SBB rail app. You'll save lots of money. Also get the half-fare pass - I think the yearly one actually works out cheaper than the month one.
  • Travel on the weekends
  • Explore the Alps