Suggestions and recommendations for future cohorts

"In the project. Empathize what experience you already have and how you could be useful during your stay. I was told that not all students this year got the opportunity to expand their skills. Don't shy away from responsibility as that is how you truly learn to be independent and whether research is for you."

"I would suggest being open to new experiences and trying your hardest to understand the science you are doing.
A half-fare card for the trains (SBB) is well worth it! If you want to go travelling around Switzerland, install the SBB rail app. You'll save lots of money. Also get the half-fare pass - I think the yearly one actually works out cheaper than the month one."

"Travel on the weekends. Explore the Alps."

"My suggestion is to make the most of this once in a life time opportunity. Start speaking the native languages as soon as you come and don't be scared of mispronouncing words. Also, work your hardest in the research because you will learn more as long as you put in all the work."

"I would suggest that new students try to make the most of their internship, by which I mean pushing the limits of science in the lab, but also not forgetting to enjoy the beautiful Switzerland as well as the colleagues from the NCCR program and from the host group."

"Don't stress about the project/getting things wrong - it's all about learning and growing."

"Apply for scholarships that will fund your experiences in Switzerland."