Stimulation of cellular endocytosis for sensing and enhancing nanoparticle uptake

Sensing and enhancing nanoparticle uptake

Project leader: B. Rothen-Rutishauser and A. Fink

Team: M. Mayer, A. Radenovic, C. Rüegg, F. Stellacci, S. Vanni

The growing general interest in nanomaterials, which nowadays can be found in many commercial products, has motivated many studies on the interaction of nanoparticles with living organisms. As for small and large molecules, the uptake of nanoparticles by eukaryotic cells is mediated by their plasma membrane via different endocytotic mechanisms. However, nanoparticle uptake detection and quantification typically requires a set of technically demanding analytical and imaging tools which directly affect the interpretation of any subsequent cell responses. The goal of this project is to explore possibilities to design uptake sensing-tools to measure nanoparticle uptake.

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