Impressions from the last edition (2023)

"This experience exceeded my expectations. I became very passionate about the work I have gotten to do at the AMI. I was surrounded by fantastic researchers who really made me feel welcome and they invested lots of time and energy to help develop me as a researcher. I got to spend lots of time in the lab and I got some experience presenting my work, which is important too. I also got to explore some of Switzerland and the surrounding countries, which was a very enriching experience outside of the lab."

"It exceeded my expectations as my work was a lot more independent than I expected. I didn't just assist my supervisor in his research but was allowed to make the project my own, design my own experiments, and take the project in my own direction. I truly appreciate the opportunity the organization has given me and the valuable experience I was able to gather under his supervision."

"The experience certainly met my expectations; the research was engaging, and I made meaningful bonds with my coworkers and my fellow NCCR students. Everyone was so welcoming!"

"This internship has absolutely stimulated my interest in the field of "Bio-Inspired Materials." I've always known I wanted to do something medically relevant, and I’ve always been fascinated by the way nature is able to engineer tools to help organisms survive/thrive.This experience highlighted the intersection of these two things as my project took an observed phenomenon from an animal and attempted to mimic and repurpose this phenomenon in a synthetic environment for a medically relevant application."

"I had a really good experience working in the lab, and studying this type of material has inspired me to pursue similar studies in my academic future. This lab has opened my eyes to the world of bio-inspired materials."