MORICEAU Guillaume



Postdoctoral researcher, Research group STEINER

Adolphe Merkle Institute Chemin des Verdiers 4 CH-1700 Fribourg Switzerland
orcidID logo0000-0002-9354-7894

Guillaume joined the Adolphe Merkle Institute in 2019 as a part of NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials program for a project investigating structural-color based pigments”. Project in between the groups of Prof. Ulli. Steiner.and Prof. Chris. Weder.

Guillaume worked previously as a postdoc at the University of Warwick with Prof. Sébastien Perrier in collaboration with the company Lubrizol. He investigated RAFT polymerization for industrial application. In 2018, Guillaume completed a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Warwick working with Prof. Sébastien Perrier and Lubrizol. His research project focused on well-defined polymeric architectures by RAFT polymerization for application as oil and lubricant additives.

Guillaume previously completed a MSc in “Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Engineering” at the University of Lyon (France - 2012) and a MSc in Chemistry at the University of Rennes (France – 2009).

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