Bottom up meets top down: Controlling assembly from mm to nm

Assembling nano-sized building blocks into functional metasurfaces

Nanoelectronics, photonics and lab-on-a-chip technologies require new and cost-effective fabrication routes for macroscopic structures with nm precision and stoichiometric control. In this project, we plan to develop strategies for the hierarchical assembly of DNA-nanoparticle hybrid structures with mm-sizes and structural features controlled down to the nm range. To this end, we will employ DNA origami-based bottom-up molecular approaches to fabricate nanostructures that will self-organize into macroscopic architectures. This will be attained using different techniques such as focused ion beam lithography and imprint lithography to fabricate specific binding sites, and AFM nanotribology to selectively expose anchoring sites. These techniques, which allow for high spatial resolution surface modifications, will allow for the individual nanostructures to be positioned and selectively oriented. Among other materials, this project aims at assembling nanomaterial-based building blocks into functional artificial metasurfaces showing structural color such as those found in several animals such as butterflies, sea animals and beetles.

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