Antiviral Surfaces

Broad-spectrum antiviral coatings for high touch surfaces

The CoViD-19 pandemic has evidenced the lack in protection that society has against the spread of pandemic-type viruses. We lack drugs and vaccines, but we also lack effective direct (e.g. personal protective equipment) and indirect defenses against viral infections. Indirect protection means, for example, having broad-spectrum antiviral coatings for surfaces that are touched by multiple people frequently, such as door handles, surfaces in public transport, or touch screens. Here we propose a collaborative project that will aim at the development of a surface coating based on polymer brushes engineered according the virucidal design rules developed in Phase 2. The mechanisms of interaction of the brushes with viruses, as well as common bacteria and mammalian cells will be studied in depth. The overall objective of this project is to create a versatile coating for many surfaces capable of very strong broad-spectrum IVA sustained for at least 24 h and that is renewable by washing to its original value.

Involved people