Eva Baur, EPFL

Eva Baur is a PhD student in the Soft Materials Laboratory at EPFL where she is developing 3D printing materials for soft robotics.  What motivated her during her studies and now during her PhD are the new challenges (scientific or not) that she might face every day and how to find solutions, alone or with colleagues!

"Hi there, I'm Eva Baur, and I come from Brussels, Belgium. I decided to move to Lausanne to study Materials Science and Engineering at EPFL for my Bachelor’s and then Master’s degree. I am now pursuing a Ph.D. in the Soft Materials Laboratory, where I am developing granular elastomers for 3D printing applications, specifically in the field of soft robotics.

My interest in soft materials began during an internship in the Soft Materials Laboratory, and it continued to grow over the years until I finally completed my Master’s Thesis there. This challenging yet thrilling and rewarding research experience motivated me to apply for a Ph.D. I was initially hesitant about going abroad. I finally chose to stay at EPFL due to the positive and supportive environment of the laboratory and the university’s ideal location next to Lausanne, its mountains, and the lake.

As I pursue my Ph.D., I am constantly looking for new challenges, exploring the properties of these soft materials, and discovering approaches to improve and manipulate them for real-world applications.  Eventually, I hope my work will contribute to further advancements in materials science and engineering. When not in the lab, I enjoy sharing my experience with others and hope to inspire them to pursue their passions and overcome challenges, no matter where they take you."