Fun and gamesPublished on 17.10.2023

"Zisch!" brings science experiments to a wider audience

The NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials has published a German translation of its collection of fun science experiments for primary-school children in collaboration with its partners from the Universities of Fribourg and Geneva, EPFL, and Lausanne's Espace des Inventions.

Still aimed squarely at children attending primary school and their teachers, “ZISCH!” has been adapted by author and science communicator Atlant Bieri for its new audience and provides easy-to-follow instructions in German for each experiment, which can be safely carried out in the kitchen or the schoolroom. Each activity uses elements that can be found at home or easily purchased.

Hardcopies of the book can be purchased online at or downloaded for free from the same website.

From 2015 to 2018, Migros Magazine, a weekly newspaper owned by Switzerland’s biggest retailer, published almost 200 weekly science activities for children in collaboration with the book’s partners. The original French version, called “PSCHITT!”, was published in 2021, with a foreword from the 2017 Nobel Chemistry Prize winner Jacques Dubochet, and contained many of those experiments.