Publications & Datasets

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Transition from light diffusion to localization in three-dimensional amorphous dielectric networks near the band edge
Haberko Jakub, Froufe-Pérez Luis S., Scheffold Frank
Nature Communications 11 (2020)


What's in a band? The function of the color and banding pattern of the Banded Swallowtail
Tan Eunice J., Wilts Bodo D., Tan Brent T. K., Monteiro Antónia
Ecology and Evolution (2020)


Versatile Macroscale Concentration Gradients of Nanoparticles in Soft Nanocomposites
Taladriz‐Blanco Patricia, Rothen‐Rutishauser Barbara, Petri‐Fink Alke, Balog Sandor
Small , 1905192 (2020)


Detection of HER2+ Breast Cancer Cells using Bioinspired DNA‐based Signal Amplification
Rafiee Sarah, Kocabey Samet, Mayer Michael, List Jonathan, Ruegg Curzio
ChemMedChem (2020)